Why do so many foreigners go to make their lives in Canada?

Immigration to any country brings economic benefits to that country as well as to the immigrants themselves. Canada is one of the countries that attracts the most tourists, but also workers who want to move here to live and work permanently. But what is it about Canada that attracts so many expatriates?

Quality of life and a dynamic labour market

Expatriates to Canada were initially attracted by the quality of life in the country. Indeed, Canada is a great country to live in. There is more than one reason why it is the second most popular country in the world. Those who live here know that and that is what drives others to go there as well. When it comes to economic and cultural influence, standard of living, overall sustainability or entrepreneurship, Canada is second only to Germany. It has dethroned Sweden, the United Kingdom, but especially the United States. It is also a good place to grow old because of the unique old age pension programs and the health care system. Everything is in place to make sure you live as well as possible. And it's no wonder that in Canada, there is work for everyone. In every field, there are many job openings. The unemployment rate is low, at just 5%. So job seekers will be more than delighted.

Diversity and welcoming Canadians

If Canada is what it is today, it is thanks to the many cultural heritages that make it what it is today. It is a very cosmopolitan country. Diversification is its wealth. Everyone is welcome. The immigration policy is very flexible. It is also a bilingual country. In this regard, many people tend to believe that because the country is very close to North America, the second official language is English, whereas it is French. Expatriates in Canada will therefore not be expatriated, but will have the opportunity to learn English as well. Canadians are also well known for being bon vivants, and when you arrive there, you will be sure to receive a warm welcome. But Canadians are also famous for being open-minded. As a result, whoever you are, you will be accepted just as you are. Which is not necessarily the case in other countries. To see if Canadians are that friendly, why not go there, even if it's just for a vacation at first.

Nature and food

If you live in Canada, it is impossible to miss its nature and breathtaking scenery. Although it is a country dominated by cold weather, the landscape still attracts many nature lovers. There are large lakes, islands, beaches, impressive forests, but also nature parks. Don't forget also that it is the second largest country in the world, so it is very vast. Also, everyone knows, no doubt, the famous Niagara Falls. The fauna and flora are very much in evidence there, as you can see in the Hudson Bay area, which is home to beluga whales and whales in a pleasant environment. In addition to work, it is also the natural environment that attracts expatriates to Canada. However, we must not forget the cuisine which is very famous for its maple syrup and poutine. If you arrive in Canada, you must absolutely try this dish of French fries with a brown sauce made with Canadian meat and cheese. Maple syrup is naturally sweet and Canadians use it in just about every dish. The leaf on the country's flag explains why it is a must there.

The big-city atmosphere and proximity to the United States

In Canada, there is always something to do and the big cities are always full of people. Indeed, Canadian megacities like Vancouver, Toronto or Ottawa are full of activities for everyone. Expatriates in Canada know this very well and can even say that the atmosphere in big cities is very addictive. But living in Canada is also a chance to take a little trip to the United States. There are many forms of transportation that can easily take you to the major cities of North America. However, you should not be too far from the borders if you want to make regular trips.
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