How to spend winter in Canada?

Canada is the perfect destination for the perfect white Christmas. Winter in Canada may be cold, but it has a lot to offer the adventure seeker and the city dweller. Travellers who visit Canada in winter do so specifically for winter activities such as skiing and snowboarding, but even those who are not cold enthusiasts find that winter is a great opportunity to explore the region.

What is the weather like in Canada in winter?

If you want to experience winter in Canada but are hesitant to deal with sub-zero temperatures, you will be happy to know that Canada has regions that don't freeze in winter. Western Canada, including Vancouver and Victoria, has a temperate climate with little snow. Planning your trip to a part of the country that offers the climate of your choice can provide a truly unique and authentically Canadian experience. It is very cold in most parts of Canada, except on the coast of British Columbia, where winters are moderate. So be prepared to bring warm clothing for a snowy adventure in Canada.

What are the most popular winter activities?

Because cold winters are a reality in most parts of Canada, Canadians are embracing them by participating in fun activities. Some of the most popular winter activities include downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and ice skating. Hotels and resorts often offer packages that include these activities. Staying active and making the most of the winter vacation season is common in Canada. Canadians don't stay indoors during the winter, but rather organize wonderful outdoor festivals to celebrate the season. As long as you're dressed properly, visiting one of Canada's most popular cities to enjoy a good meal, culture or shopping can also be a memorable experience.

Ideas for a Winter Vacation in Canada

Some ideas for a winter vacation in Canada include a visit to the Quebec Ice Hotel, home of the world's largest winter carnival, the Quebec Winter Carnival. Ottawa, the nation's capital, hosts Winterlude, an annual winter festival. Canada has many more winter festivals in almost every region. Another fun adventure is skating on the Rideau Canal, a 7.8 km waterway that becomes the world's largest skating rink in icy weather.
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