What is the TOEIC test and why taking it?

To be internationally qualified in English, you can take internationally recognized English tests. The TOEIC is one of these tests. Indeed, it can make your next interview easier, boost your CV a little more and give you the possibility to take certain training courses. Find out what the TOEIC test represents.

The TOEIC: what is it?

The TOEIC (or Test Of English for International Communication) is a standardized test of English, recognized internationally and in a broader way. The TOEIC test is used to assess the skills of non-native speakers of English used in a professional English-speaking environment. Candidates are generally employees of international companies, individuals who wish to better position themselves in the job market or those who want to train internationally. In addition, candidates are advised to do some training before taking the exam. The test is recognized by many higher education institutes, universities and companies all over the world. There are currently different kinds of TOEIC tests, namely the TOEIC named Listening and Reading, which has the ability to measure your English comprehension skills in written and spoken English, with intermediate levels to advance. It can then take the form of an MCQ (or multiple-choice questionnaire), which will be administered on paper. On the other hand, there is the TOEIC called Speaking & Writing which measures your English speaking and writing skills, with intermediate levels to be advanced. The Speaking and Writing will be done online. Then there is the TOEIC Bridge which measures your comprehension skills in English, in writing and in speaking, which are intermediate levels for beginners. It is also an MCQ (or multiple choice questions), given on paper. You can start training for the TOEIC now on online platforms

The TOEIC: recognized by all recruiters

The TOEIC is intended for students or professionals who wish to enrich their CV, giving proof of a good level of English. The test is exactly the kind of test that recruiters would like to see in a profile, just as it is for some companies, even the biggest ones. The latter are very familiar with this test and there are even those who make it a special criterion when recruiting. Notably, this is the case of Air France, which has in time replaced its internal language test for candidates when hiring via the TOEIC. Many companies and institutes in English-speaking or even non-English-speaking areas favor the TOEIC as a better guarantee of language level. This is the great advantage of the TOEIC with good international recognition. In case you know your level approximately on the CERCLE scale (or Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), if you are going to face the different simple levels like A1 to C2, it does not mean much on your CV. This is because it is sometimes complicated to prove it, as it is just a benchmark and not a real certification.

Why take the TOEIC?

Even if you are a student, a recent graduate, or even an active person, you should know that it is mandatory to prepare yourself in the field of English. For companies, universities and other renowned institutes or schools, know that the selection will work in your favor, in case you have a certification in English. It is undeniably important to know that the first favourite of companies is the TOEIC when recruiting. Currently, the economy and the world of business are becoming more international, the English language has become an emblem of expansion in the world, which means remarkable growth for the company. Some recruiters in the requested positions are attracted enormously by the profiles which have precisely a large international dimension. Equal to your diplomas and past experiences in the professional world, the mastery of another language apart from your own is an effective element to attract the attention of an employer. In fact, there is no standard profile for taking the TOEIC test, but there are various profiles that benefit from a TOEIC certification in CVs.

The TOEIC to optimize studies

For all levels of post-baccalaureate studies, the TOEIC test can allow you to do specialized training, or to validate your diploma. In particular, this is the case for some management institutes, which require students to take the TOEIC test when the Bachelor's degree is about to end in order to get the diploma. In another case, some engineering schools require you to take the test to validate your degree. These grandes écoles wish to receive a score that equals a B2 level, so there should be a minimum of 785. However, for practical purposes, the better or more focused engineering schools require a score of at least 850. Recently, the grandes écoles and some universities that offer gap moments have diversified. The condition for students from these schools to succeed is to obtain a score of at least 750 on the TOEIC.
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