Travelling to Canada: How to pay less?

Canada is a huge country that has a lot to discover. It is an ideal place to be in symbiosis and to recharge your batteries with nature. In summer and winter, there is no shortage of activities in Canada. Inevitable cities such as Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal showcase their assets and dynamism to win the hearts of travellers. This country is still a fairly expensive transportation route for the rest of the world, as it is the closest gateway to the United States. Here is some information on how to pay less to travel to Canada.

When to travel to Canada to get a cheaper ticket?

Anyone can visit Canada all year round. But you should save more and avoid going during the high season, which is between mid-July and mid-August. During this period, there are not many airline tickets available and if there is a chance they will become available, the fare is out of reach. This phenomenon is clearly evident in all ranges of offers. The best months to come to Canada and enjoy its natural beauty are April/May and September/October. In addition to the peace and quiet, you should take advantage of lower prices. Travel agencies mainly offer vacationers the opportunity to come to Canada between mid-September and the end of October. There is another tip for travelling cheaper in Canada. Travellers with very little money can afford inexpensive accommodation by switching to homestay accommodation. Another advantage is the ability to ask for free advice from hosts. Second, the cost of renting often includes utilities.

How do I book a plane ticket to Canada?

It is preferable to book a plane ticket to Canada, as the price will increase according to the remaining availability. Many airlines offer travel to Canada, but their respective prices vary. The choice for backpackers on a limited budget goes to "low cost" companies, which often offer lower fares than public companies. Before booking an airline ticket to Canada, you must first apply for a visa. There is a risk of losing money if the Schengen visa is refused and the reservation is made in advance. Once you have obtained a Schengen visa, the way is clear to book an airline ticket, as many airlines can offer extraordinary and less expensive deals. Choosing an airline is also easy to make a cheaper trip to Canada by paying attention to the cities of arrival and departure. For a Low Cost airline, the air ticket Lyon-Ottawa appears less expensive than a Paris-Montréal air ticket. Finally, to glimpse a cheaper flight to Canada, prices vary depending on whether it is a round trip or a one-way flight. However, you should always remember to check the constraints attached to luggage. Most of the time, tickets in economy class can only open after the baggage allowance has expired. The costs of excess baggage are often steep.

Which is the best airline to travel to Canada?

There are many airlines such as Air Canada, Air France, Air transat, etc. Air Canada is considered one of the safest in the world and one of the best. It shows the advantage of offering real comfort with leg room and wide seats. In addition to direct flights from the capitals, it also offers direct links from the province and attractive fares. The choice to travel with Air Transat is advantageous, because it offers a Business class with huge seats at an interesting price.

How do I buy the cheapest airline ticket to Canada?

Buying an airline ticket is probably the most serious expense from the family's organization in Canada. Fortunately, there are many tips to help people save a lot of money. First, buy the airline ticket in advance. When departing from Europe, it is advisable to buy the plane ticket to Canada 4 to 5 months in advance. Above all, do not hesitate for a second to take the snapshot of the web. When it comes to finding an interesting price online, the reservation must be made right away. Secondly, it is necessary to search on certain flight comparators. These flight comparators are good tools to find the best deals, as long as you practice them perfectly. First of all, it is useful to search many sites, i.e. compare the comparators. To choose well, it is important to know that Momondo, Kayak, SkyScanner have a much better reputation. If travelers are flexible on dates, look at alternative dates, and also at the different airports nearby. After having seen the agreed flight, you have to validate the fare in the website of an airline carrier. The airfare is also sometimes cheaper. Thirdly, you should not book the plane ticket on the weekend, because at the moment, prices are clearly more expensive, and even the airlines know it.
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