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What is the TOEIC test and why taking it?

To be internationally qualified in English, you can take internationally recognized English tests. The TOEIC is one of these tests. Indeed, it can make your next interview easier, boost your CV a little more and give you the possibility to…

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Travelling to Canada: How to pay less?

Canada is a huge country that has a lot to discover. It is an ideal place to be in symbiosis and to recharge your batteries with nature. In summer and winter, there is no shortage of activities in Canada. Inevitable…

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Financial aid and scholarships to study in Canada

A scholarship is a financial or logistical assistance granted to a student so that he or she can continue his or her graduate studies. They may be granted by the government or a foreign country. Like scholarships to study in…

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International student: how to choose your Canadian university?

Canada is a country located in the Arctic part of North America, its confederal capital is Ottawa and its official languages are English and French. From Quebec to British Columbia, the entire Canadian province is revolutionizing its education policy, and…

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What are the formalities for registering to study in Canada?

Canada remains the best alternative for studying abroad. Indeed, this country, through many universities, offers many study opportunities. It can be a stay of a few months for training or an opportunity of one or more academic years in order…

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Studying in Canada: It’s all about the benefits

Preparing for your future is a stage of life that can be exciting, but scary at the same time. Many young students choose to study abroad to expand their horizons and gain new experiences. Of all the destinations, Canada is…

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