What are the formalities for registering to study in Canada?

Published on : 05 May 20205 min reading time

Canada remains the best alternative for studying abroad. Indeed, this country, through many universities, offers many study opportunities. It can be a stay of a few months for training or an opportunity of one or more academic years in order to obtain a Quebec diploma. However, there are certain mandatory formalities that must be completed in order to study in this country. These formalities can be found on the Internet on a site specializing in studies in Canada. You will have to find out about the registration procedures at the chosen university institutions in order to study in this country.

Obtaining a Certificat d’Acceptation du Québec or CAQ

The first step in pursuing a university education in Canada is to learn about the various programs and universities that exist in the country. To obtain a Quebec diploma, you will have to register to study in Canada. In this case, it is important to know how to register at each university where you will be able to study. For technical or professional training, it is best to consult a specialized site that offers the best services in terms of this type of training. On the other hand, you should check whether this training will be sanctioned by a certification recognized by the Canadian government. After being accepted by the institution, it will also be necessary to make a request to the site of the ministry in charge of immigration, diversity and inclusion or MIDI to apply for a CAQ. In principle, the approval of the CAQ will depend on the student’s financial situation. For information, the student must be able to prove and certify that he or she has the necessary funds to study in such a developed country. The funds include tuition fees and living expenses during the years of training or study. The student will also need to find out about the necessary expenses for the return trip.

Formality for studies less than 6 months in Canada

For a study or professional training of less than 6 months, the student will not be required to have a CAQ or a study permit. In general, for a short-term study, it is always necessary to inquire about the various formalities required for registration at the university of origin. A bilateral exchange will then take place between the home university and the chosen university. Currently, there is a student exchange program or EEP, which is a program concluded between 450 institutions from various countries in partnership with Québec. For a person who wants to do a short-term vocational training, he or she will be exempted from the Québec certificate of acceptance. There are various recognized training programs that are very popular in Quebec City. Moreover, for a study beyond 6 months, the student will not need a visa. However, it will still be necessary to meet the university’s eligibility requirements, regardless of the length of stay, to benefit from a training program in Canada. These conditions depend on the university where the student has decided to apply for his or her study or technical training application. Registration fees also vary depending on the university and for this reason, it is important to have precise information before applying for admission.

Obtaining a study permit to study in Canada

Obtaining a study permit is very important if the person wants to study at a university for more than 6 months. In principle, it will be necessary to apply for a temporary residence permit from the Canadian embassy in the student’s home country. This temporary permit is valid for a specific period of time only and for the institution that has accepted the application for school admission. To obtain the permit, you will need a valid passport and a letter of acceptance from the chosen university. It is also important to include a valid medical certificate, report card or criminal record if necessary. The processing fee for this file will be 95 €.

Subscribe to a student insurance to study at a university in Canada

Insurance coverage for students will be mandatory for university studies in Canada. In order to land on Canadian territory, this insurance will even be necessary and will also be used during the duration of the studies. It will also be valid for long-term training, whether for professional or personal reasons. This regulation has been imposed by the Canadian embassy but to know the conditions related to the subscription of this insurance, it will be preferable to ask for information from the embassy or to go directly on its website. In addition, there are various insurance options for students. It should be noted that a student’s social security coverage varies according to the province in which he or she is located. For some provinces in Canada, the student will not be covered by health insurance. Therefore, he or she will have to take out private insurance, which will be a bit expensive.

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