What are the different types of English proficiency tests?

English is the official language of many countries around the world. It is one of the six universal languages and two working languages along with French at the United Nations. It is also the most widely taught foreign language in the world and the most used on the Internet. All this means that a good knowledge of this language is a definite advantage.

What are the English reference tests?

The English reference tests are also called TOEIC exams or Test of English for International Communication. They are tests to assess an individual's English skills and are internationally recognized. They are reserved for those whose native language is not English. The certificates issued are recognized around the world by several companies, organizations or governments. Approximately 7 million tests a year have been carried out and the beneficiaries are employed by more than 14,000 organizations. Achieving good scores on these tests can help to advance a professional career, but it can also open up new job opportunities or even join a larger educational institution in several countries around the world. What's more, it means that you have a complete command of English. You can performĀ TOEIC Tests online with different training modes. These tests are therefore very useful for personal development by improving your ability to communicate anywhere in the world.

The different types of reference tests

Students must pass three exams to earn the desired title. The written and oral comprehension test lasts two and a half hours, including 75min of listening test on paper and 75min of reading on paper or online. It consists of multiple-choice questions with 100 questions each. It is used to determine the student's level of English, from beginner to advanced. It also determines a person's ability to communicate in English for professional purposes with people in all parts of the world. Secondly, the written and oral expression test lasts one hour and twenty minutes. Candidates have twenty minutes to complete 11 oral exercises and sixty minutes for eight written exercises. The test determines the candidate's ability to communicate in English in the professional world by telephone or via e-mail and letter. Scores are scored out of 200 with eight tasks. The bridge test or written and oral comprehension is the easiest and lasts one and a half hours. It is a test for beginner to intermediate levels with 25 minutes for the listening part and 35 minutes for the reading part. It is used to measure the level of English at the time of the test and to set a learner's objectives and monitor his or her progress. It is therefore aimed at students of English or people using the language for work or travel.

Reasons for choosing to take the TOEIC tests

The TOEIC tests lead to an internationally recognized certificate. The certificate tells the candidate the score obtained and the results section by section. It is therefore possible to detect his or her weak points in order to improve them later. Regardless of the status of the applicant, whether employee, student or job seeker, the tests make it possible to achieve several objectives depending on the person's choice. For example, the person can show themselves on the job market or demonstrate their ability to communicate in English. They can also prepare to enter the professional world thanks to their English skills or strengthen their qualifications for a new position or promotion. Finally, with her diploma she can prove her mastery of the language of Shakespeare.

How to take the benchmark tests

To take these exams, you must first find a test centre nearest you. They can be consulted on the official TOEIC website, where the test dates can also be found. Online registration is required with a period of practice and preparation beforehand. Applicants must then complete a registration form, choose the test date and pay the related fees. Official identification documents such as a passport or at least the identification number may be requested. Just make sure that the documents are valid at the time of taking the tests. The English test can be taken in many countries around the world. To prepare for it, the provider offers an online program with different learning tools allowing students to develop the skills they need such as vocabulary or grammar for the TOEIC tests. Taking the TOEIC tests is very useful since the certification is recognized worldwide. Especially since the mastery of English is a significant asset for doing business or simply to advance in one's professional career.
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