Being French in Canada: How to best adapt?

Canada is one of the countries where immigration is very important. Every year, several thousand French people decide to settle here for various reasons, especially economic ones. But how do you adapt quickly to life in Canada?

How do you deal with Canadian cultural differences?

Canada is a dynamic and diverse country. Canadians are proud of their multicultural society. However, moving and adapting to a new country can be a very different and difficult experience for some newcomers. It is not uncommon to experience the following emotions: discomfort, frustration or fear, and even homesickness. In a new country of adoption, your cultural beliefs will be put to the test. Before leaving, it is advisable to find out as much as possible about Canadian customs, different communities, religion, i.e. make a quick historical reminder of Canada's origins. In terms of language, if you choose to reside in Quebec, it is a French-speaking region with an original accent that deserves some time to adapt. In other Canadian regions, it is important to learn English to make yourself understood and hope to find a job quickly. On the gastronomy side, Canadian food is quite rich with a mix of Aboriginal, French and British food. You will therefore have a wide choice, but fast food restaurants are also present there as in all western countries will make you happy if necessary. There are also many French restaurants, especially in Quebec.

How do you get past the 6-month mark?

To know if Canada is for you or not, it is important to pass the 6 months mark, being French in Canada is not easy. You have to be prepared for good and bad experiences, face frustrations, confusion and various disappointments. Thus, making the difference between you and Canadians is essential in order to look for work effectively and to put forward your qualities as an expatriate. Then, to avoid feeling guilty for leaving your family at home and to be able to pass the 6 month mark in order to hopefully adapt to the Canadian rhythm, having a positive mental attitude every day when waking up in the morning especially during the harsh winter of the adopted country is the direct solution to face the many challenges.

Making Canadian friends as quickly as possible to adapt best

The key to integrating into Canadian society as quickly as possible is to make friends. Canadians value modesty, kindness and efficiency. They can easily talk to a stranger on the street, which can be very useful, for example, when looking for a cheap apartment if you have a limited budget. In conclusion, it is easy to adapt to Canadian life because of a common language, which is French, and especially if you are open-minded enough to make new acquaintances.

How much does a Canadian visa cost?

A trip abroad is not something that can be done unexpectedly. On the contrary, it is a big project that must be planned several days or even months in advance, so many formalities are involved. Among other things, there is the visa or authorization to travel abroad. But for this, you have to worry about the costs related to the documents required to easily enter Canada. This brings you back to the issue of the cost of a Canadian visa.

The different types of visas for Canada

For tourist trips, you are entitled to two types of visas depending on your situation. On the one hand, there is the AVE or Autorisation de Voyage Electronique. This is a paperless solution that is only required online. Generally, this document is electronically linked to your passport. This type of visa is mainly for citizens of European countries who wish to travel to Canada by air. On the other hand, there is the visitor visa, which is the classic version of the best-known visa. It is available to the vast majority of nationalities and is only applied for at visa application centres. This second type of visa is always valid, no matter what means of travel you use.

Canadian visa price: the case of the AVE

The e-Visa is a very beneficial solution for travellers from European countries, due to its ease of application and processing time. Moreover, you do not need to travel to get it, as all processing, including the application, is done online. Also, its price is clearly affordable as it is charged at around 5 euros, to which other fees may be added. In any case, the total cost of the e-Visa rarely exceeds EUR 20.

Price of the Canadian visa: the case of the visitor's visa

For international travellers, a fairly large budget must be set aside for the Canadian Visa application. Indeed, in most cases, the Canadian visa price is set at an average of 90 euros, but additional service fees may be charged. In this regard, it is sometimes necessary to add about 85 euros more to obtain a Canadian visa in other countries. The application should only be submitted to the Canadian embassy in your city. Afterwards, his or her power of attorney may take some time.  
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