French community: how to build connections with people in your community?

Published on : 05 May 20205 min reading time

Canada is known for its various immigration programs. In fact, many people wish to settle here in order to make a new start. You should know that this country is renowned for the quality of life of its residents. In addition, Canada is currently experiencing a labour shortage and is opening its doors to all talents looking for stability and new work.

How can I move to Canada?

Countless French people have already been able to do so. Also, depending on your situation, you can apply for different types of visas to join the French community in Canada.

– The student visa is undoubtedly one of the most popular ways to cross the Atlantic to the land of the maple leaf. To obtain it, the first requirement is to apply and be accepted in a Canadian institution of higher learning. An agreement between Quebec and France has been put in place to facilitate the departure of French students to Canada. The latter consists of offering students the possibility of paying their tuition fees in France while studying in Canada.

– The working holiday program is, as its name suggests, a document that allows its holder to be authorized to work during his or her holidays in Canada. Thanks to this visa, French citizens between the ages of 18 and 35 have a work permit for a maximum of 24 months during their stay. Valid in all regions of Canada, the holder is able to visit and work throughout the country during the entire period of validity of the visa. Benefiting from the working holiday program does not contain any constraints as to the maximum duration of work for the same employer. In other words, it is possible to remain employed in the same company for 24 months if you wish. Of course, the work permit is only a privilege and not an obligation.

– The Business Start-Up Visa Program is a springboard for French entrepreneurs to create a business and become a member of the French community in Canada. Unlike the skilled worker visa, this program does not require any prior promise of employment from a local business. However, to obtain it, your project must meet several requirements. The activity you wish to start must create jobs but it must also be able to contribute to the competitiveness of the Canadian economy. Contact the designated organizations to verify the eligibility of your project.

Why go to Canada?

Canada is known as the home of skilled labour, and moving to Canada represents an opportunity to export your know-how and benefit from international experience. The immigration programs for workers allow us to welcome a significant number of new immigrants every year. This policy allows the Canadian government to make up for the lack of human resources in certain sectors of activity such as agri-food. Opening its borders to skilled workers is also a solution to support the development of rural and remote areas in Canada’s North.

Canada as a destination of choice

Accustomed to the top five of the best countries to live in, Canada is in third place again this year after leading the podium two years ago. This result was based on a survey of several thousand people around the world conducted by the US News an World Report. If the second largest country in the world is so highly rated, it is largely due to its health system, which is considered to be one of the most developed in the world. Canada’s education system is also among the best performing, with several prestigious universities. However, the quality of the Canadian labour market remains the most attractive asset, which encourages the annual growth of the French community in Canada.

How to contact the French Community in Canada?

The idea of going to live in an unknown land always arouses some fears in spite of its already proven attractiveness. To avoid feeling disorientated, it is strongly recommended to get in touch with fellow expatriates.

English or French language courses set up by the Canadian government make it possible in this case to learn and understand all the specificities of the local language. Participating in these courses is also a way to meet new people and enrich your portfolio of contacts. It is quite possible that members of the French Community in Canada are responsible for the Francophone courses.

An easier way to contact your French compatriots in Canada is to learn about social networks. Several groups have been created by French nationals in Canada on Facebook, for example. Indeed, the French in Canada do not lack initiatives to participate in the integration of new immigrants from France. Joining an association that brings together French people is also an excellent way to contact the French community in Canada.

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