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Published on : 15 April 20205 min reading time

Getting around in Canada: public transportation or car rental?

Travelling is one of the best things you can do to relax and get away from it all. Canada is one of the travel destinations to put on the list if you want to discover the world. Its vast lands, its big cities we will make a whole trip if we want to visit them all. The vast Canadian territory will fill our eyes and not just a little. The cities are remote and require a long journey to get from one to another. But getting around is not easy despite the countless means of transportation. Making the right choice of means of transport must be based on expectations and destinations. Fortunately, we can count on car rentals or, why not, public ground or air transport.

Car rental

In airports, cities, there are many car rental agencies in Canada. Whether it’s a small or large car, Mercedes, Audi, or even a motor home, the choice of car type is wide. There is no better way to get around than by car. When it comes to freedom, choice of destination, schedule, stops, renting a car is the best option for holidays and travel at our own pace. On the question of autonomy and consumption, renting a car is profitable. In fact, fuel in Canada costs half as much as in France. On the conditions of renting a car, you just have to inquire and compare prices. The driving licence does not have to be international. Being 21 years old and having a licence is enough.

Public transport by land

Speaking of public transit, that means taking the bus or the train. However, taking a bus in Canada is interesting. Transportation is inexpensive and there are several buses to many destinations. Compared to renting a car, the bus avoids having to drive and being tired. This makes the trip seem more relaxing. As for the train, it is not very advisable to take it. It is very slow compared to the TGV and the metro in France, but the service is not different from that of a plane. To fully enjoy the landscape, it is the right thing to do.

Air transport

If you are limited by time, the best way to tour Canada, or at least visit a few places, is by plane. Airlines operate domestic flights. Compared to land travel, flying saves a lot of time, and days even if you try to go to the big cities. But the prices are expensive. To get a reasonable price, you have to go to the airlines’ websites.

Before embarking on your search for a home in Montreal, you must first know the real estate market in the city. That’s right! There is a big difference between the French and Canadian real estate market. For example, the size of housing units is not managed in the same way as in France. Therefore, it is important to start by defining your needs and your budget. Once this is done, here are the ways you can rent an apartment in Montreal.

Finding an apartment through a real estate agency

In France, as in Montreal, the real estate market is dominated by real estate professionals characterized mainly by agents and brokers. In this Canadian city, real estate agencies allow you to easily find apartments for rent in the neighbourhood of your choice. To take advantage of their service, you will be able to contact them easily and quickly on the web, since the vast majority of them have sites on which they propose their offers. However, to find the best offer on the market, the best thing to do is to go for a quick comparison of agencies on the web. In fact, online comparison sites offer to compare these offers for you, free of charge.

Spend your own search to rent an apartment in Montreal

In Montreal, as in most Canadian cities, it is always possible to find your own accommodation without having to resort to a real estate agency. To do so, you can walk down the street. A simple trick that allows you to find and then rent an apartment in Montreal while exploring the city. In fact, as you move around, you’re sure to come across signs indicating “house for rent”. You will certainly find the details of the house for rent and the number to contact. However, in the interest of keeping it simple, you are advised to rely on word of mouth. To do so, you will simply have to inform your acquaintances that you need a house for rent. They will then suggest one or two available apartments.

Make use of social networks

Social networks are for more than just chatting. Indeed, more and more individuals are posting houses for rent on Facebook and sometimes on Twitter. This is especially the case for homeowners who do not want to be involved in the often tedious procedures of a real estate agency. Then, you can use social networks to locate and then rent an apartment in Montreal. Especially since it allows you to save money, for the simple reason that you are exempt from broker or real estate agency fees.

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