Good reasons to go to Trois-Rivières, the largest city in the Mauricie region

Trois-Rivères is located between the large cities of Montreal and Quebec City, and is the largest city in the Mauricie region with its 134,000 inhabitants. The center of the city is very lively, the atmosphere is rhythmic at the expense of festivals and its many restaurants.

Downtown Trois-Rivière

Discovering the great city of Mauricie means living to the rhythm of the city. It offers many restaurants, bar tours and cafés: L'Embuscade, le Nord-Ouest, the Cogeco Amphitheatre cabaret, le Trèfle, the Zénob café-bar, the Anais-Allard hall, and its many theatres. Visiting Trois-Rivière also means admiring the beauty of the neighbourhood with its ancient architecture reminiscent of history. Let yourself be carried away by the charm of this 2nd French-speaking city in America. Immerse yourself in the culture of Trois-Rivière with access to 14 institutions allowing you to discover the facets of history. Visit the Quebec museum, or discover the old prison and its troubled past, the Ursuline museum, not to mention the gardens of the Notre-Dame-du-Cap Shrine.

Trois-Rivière and its authentic nature

For outdoor enthusiasts, the city of Mauricie is ideal with its 17,500 lakes and the huge Gouin reservoir, its natural parks and hiking trails. It's quite possible to get off the city in less than 90 minutes. There are nature activities as well as numerous campgrounds available year-round. Make your choice, Trois-Rivière will take care of making your stay enjoyable. Its lush forests, vacationing, and wide open spaces have a certain power of attraction even outside Quebec, especially in Europe, Germany, Mexico, and China.

Visit Trois-Rivière on your own or with your family

Mauricie is a natural, warm and unpretentious city. Its tourist offers are diverse, all the more so since new things are always being proposed. The town and its inhabitants are welcoming, which makes holidays simple and carefree. You won't be able to blow your budget because there are no overrated or artificial paradises, everything is authentic and true in Trois-Rivière. Whether your stay is alone or with family or friends, activities are available for all ages. Even if you're alone, you'll be able to get to know other vacationers, and the locals are known for their friendliness. Of course the city of Mauricie is still young in terms of tourist region but in 10 years the gains have been major.
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